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Murderous Trance aka The Guardian Angel premieres on the notable Santa Barbara International Film Festival


Murderous Trance aka The Guardian Angel , written and directed by Arto Halonen, has been selected on the Santa Barbara International Film Festival Nordic Cinema Competition. Santa Barbara International Film Festival is one of the leading festivals in the U.S.


Seven films have been selected to the Nordic Cinema Competition. Other films are Land of Hope (Finland), Moon of My Own (Sweden), In Love and War (Denmark), Let Me Fall (Iceland), Phoenix (Norway) and The Bird Catcher(Norway). The senios programmer of the festival Mickey Duzdevich sees in the Nordic Cinema Competition many possibilities to the film makers.


Murderous Trance aka The Guardian Angel premiered in theaters in Finland in March 2018. The film premiered internationally on the Warsaw Film Festival in October, which is listed as one of the fifteen major film festivals (list including Cannes, Berlin and Venice film festivals) in the world by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations.


Murderous Trance aka Guardian Angel has been sold to over 60 countries. Among those countries are France, Japan, Russia, Poland and India.


Santa Barbara International Film Festival has grown during the last few years to be one of the one of the most significant film festival in the United States of America. The festival is held 30.1-9.2 and it’s the last so called big festival before the Oscars and traditionally there have been multiple Oscar nominees in the festival’s program. The festival awards filmmakers annually for their lifework. This year e.g. Glenn Close (Maltin Modern Master Award), Viggo Mortensen (American Riviera Award) and Melissa McCarthy (Montecito Award) receive an honorary award.


Murderous Trance aka The Guardian Angel challenges the viewer to ask who controls your mind. Can a person be hypnotized to commit murder? The psychological thriller is based on true events, hypnosis murders that stirred Denmark in the 1950’s. A book written by Arto Halonen and Kevin Frazier that deals with the same events was published by WSOY.Elina Ahlbäck Literary Agency has sold the book’s translation rights to Denmark, Italy, Serbia and Portugal.


The film features international stars Pilou Asbæk(Game Of Thrones), Josh Lucas (Beautiful MindSweet Home Alabama) ja Rade Šerbedžija ( Downton AbbeyEyes Wide Shut), and Finnish Sara Soulié (Nymphs, Other Girls). In supporting roles are Finnish stars Pamela Tola and Mikko Nousiainen. In the film’s Finnish artistic crew are filmographer Pini Hellstedt, editor Jussi Rautaniemi, sound designer Kirka Sainio and composer Tuomas Kantelinen.


Murderous Trance aka The Guardian Angel – trailer


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