Arto Halonen has directed numerous award-winning films, including  the fiction feature film Princess and the documentary films Shadow of the Holy Book,  Pavlov’s dogs, Karmapa – Two Ways of Divinity and the  Tank Man. In 2005, Halonen was awarded the Finland Prize, the highest annual prize in the arts given by the Ministry of Culture and the Finnish State.

Among other important prizes, he has received the Humanitarian Award of the European Union in 1998, and, in 2008, the Thessaloniki   Documentary Festival honoured him as one of the most important   documentary filmmakers of his generation. In year 2010 Halonen was   awarded by the city of Helsinki Culture prize for his remarkable artistic   career.

Halonen is also the founder and the first festival director of DocPoint –  the Helsinki Documentary Film Festival – and is a member of the   European Film Academy.