Fiction, 92 min Year: 2013

A Patriotic Man is a tragicomic about Toivo (Martti Suosalo), who becomes a much needed secret weapon for the Finnish national cross-country skiing team and a very close colleague to one of the most talented skiers Aino (Pamela Tola)

Aino is a good skier, but also anexceptionally impressive revelation, a real Maid of Finland. Soon Toivo and Aino become an inseparable duo. Aino skies to the top of the world, but just before the most important competition a catastrophe takes place which endangers the highest goal: the Olympic victory. Once again the success of the Finnish national skiing team is depending on Toivo.

Will the venture succeed? What will Toivo do? What will happen to Aino? And before all: Is Toivo a patriotic man?



Director:                                       Arto Halonen

Screenwriters:                           Jouni K. Kemppainen

                     Arto Halonen

Cinematographer:                   Hannu Pekka Vitikainen

Editor:                                            Tuuli Kuittinen

Production Designer:               Kaisa Mäkinen

Assistant Editor:                         Tuomas Kohvakka

Sound Designer:                         Kirka Sainio

Music Composer:                       Alfi Kabiljo

Makeup designer:                     Riikka Virtanen

Costume Designer:                   Johanna Heikkilä

Producers:                                    Arto Halonen

                                                           Igor A. Nola