Documentary, 18 min.
Year: 2007

Confrontations in Cuba is an experimental documentary film, in which all the scenes have been shot in one take without cuts.

Hurricane Wilma approaches and the baseball season is close at hand. Despite the tension life goes on in its daily rhythm for Cubans: dominos are played, the band searches for a common tune at rehearsals.

The different scenes and atmospheres of the film make up a whole where in the middle of tension and happiness blossoms the Cuban identity in all its richness.


- Tampere Film Festival, Finnish Competition, Tampere, Finland, 2007
- Monterrey International Film Festival, Monterrey, Mexico, 2007
- Magma International Short Film Festival, Italy, 2007
- International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, Turkey, 2007
- The Kettupäivät - Finnish Short and Documentary Film Festival, Finland 2007
- DaKINO International Film Festival, Romania, 2007


Director and screenwriter: Arto Halonen
Cinematographer: Arto Halonen
Editor: Hanna Aartolahti
Sound designer: Martti Turunen
Shooting arrangements: Toni González Martin, Evelio Mandfred Gay Salinas
Wilma shootings: Alberto Moreno
Translators: Jorge Alvarez, Sandra Monagas, Alvaro Pardo
Producer: Arto Halonen
Production company: Art Films production AFP Ltd