Documentary, 29 min.
Year: 2005

The Legend is a film about a Cuban revolution hero, Jorge Jorge, whose colourful and fabulous life story reflects the whole legend of Cuba, coloured with fact and fiction.

Jorge Jorge, 85, worked in 1940-1950s as a waiter at the National Hotel. He was an assistant to the famous mobster Meyer Lansky. On the other hand he also served the revolution and was close to Fidel Castro. Finally he became the first manager of the National Hotel after the revolution.

Jorge is a man full of unbelievable stories. Some of them may be true, some exaggerated and some as honest as they are extraordinary. In Jorge's stories one can feel the presence of Mafia and Fidel Castro but also of Frank Sinatra, Ava Gardner, Errol Flynn, Johnny Weismüller and Winston Churchill.

The film reflects through one man the whole identity of Cuba and the fabulous legend of a nation that was born with the revolution. Jorge is everything the Cuban imagination can develop and also part of a complicated history.


- World premiere at the Havana Film Festival in December 2005
- The Kettupäivät - Finnish Short and Documentary Film Festival, Finland, 2007
- International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, Turkey, 2006
- Viscult, Finland, 2005
- Toronto Hispano American Film Festival, Canada, 2006
- Documenta Madrid, Spain, 2006


Director and screenwriter: Arto Halonen
Editing and screenwriting: Timo Peltola
Sound recording: Evelio Manfred Gay Salinas
Organisation: Saira Zamora
Translation: Sandra Monagas
Producer: Arto Halonen
Production company: Art Films production AFP Ltd