Dokumenttielokuva, 52 min.
Year: 1998

Temiar Senoi, an indigenous people of Malaysia, live in the realm of unique dream culture. Their exceptionally harmonious and non-violent way of living has been claimed to be a direct result of their dream directed habits. Their sole aim is to exist in balance with nature and fellow man.

But the nature is under threat by a massive rain forest logging operation masterminded by the Malaysian government. And the tribe itself is under another, direct threat by the same government, who try to institute “modern” customs among the tribes, including state religion and education programs.


- International distribution American Fox Lorber Winstar Inc.


- Selected for 10 international film festivals


Director and screenwriter: Arto Halonen
Cinematography: Timo Heinänen
Camera assistant: Keijo Venho
Sound recording: Pirkko Tiitinen
Sound design: Jussi Olkinuora, Åke Andersson
Editor: Juha Antti-Poika
Music: Vesa Mäkinen
Narration: Peter Coyote
Co-financers: YLE TV2 Documentaries, The Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK - Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture
Producers: Jan Wellmann/Mandrake Productions Ltd, Arto Halonen/Art Films production AFP Ltd