Fictive documentary, 57 min. Year: 1992  

Ringside is dramatized documentary about a boxer preparing for the last fight of his life which turns out to be a fight with himself, too. It is about the life of a boxer, the fierce ambition and the madness of it all, and the strange beauty that is also a part of it.

After drifting to the verge of suicide in his private life, the hero has found new happiness, and this determines the way of his last fight. At the most crucial moment of his career he decides that life is more important, after all.


- Portoroz European Sports Film Festival, Slovenia, 1993
- Banff Mountain Film Festival, Canada, 1993
- Tampere Film Festival, Finland, 1993
- The Kettupäivät - Finnish Short and Documentary Film Festival, Finland, 1992


- Golden Shot Award, Portoroz European Sports Film Festival, Slovenia, 1993
- The Finnish State Quality Production Award, 1993


Cast: Tarmo Uusivirta, Mikko Saarikko (Tarmo as a young man)
Director and screenwriter: Arto Halonen
Camera (fiction parts): Timo Heinänen
Camera (documentary parts): Arto Halonen
Editing: Arto Halonen
Sound: Leo Mäenluoma, Jari Ovaska
Camera assistant: Risto Laasonen
Set design: Pirjo Rossi
Organisation: Matti Halonen
Music: Petri Karttunen
Costumes and make-up: Elina Mikkola
Script supervisors: Marja-Leena Helin, Kirsi Markkanen
On-line editing: Tero Oksanen
Producer: Arto Halonen
Production company: Art Films production AFP Ltd