Documentary, 112 min

Year: 2023

Home and Away is about the relationships between fathers and sons, and putting down roots in Finnish society. Shawn Huff and Ervin Latimer Jr are the children of two African American basketball players - Leon Huff and Ervin Latimer Sr - who moved to Finland in the 1970s. The fathers handed down their legacy of perseverance, ambition and resistance to racism, and the sons have grown up to become Finnish social and political influencers. The sons channel the experiences of the fathers and transform those experiences into action, and both generations fight for a more equal world.

Home and away is an observational documentary where we dive into the very different worlds of our 4 main characters, Leon Huff, Shawn Huff, Ervin Latimer Sr & Ervin Latimer Jr, the occasionally brutal arenas of top sports, fashion, and politics. The documentary was shot for 3 years during which Shawn Huff ended his career as the captain of Finland men’s national basketball team “Susijengi” (The Wolf Pack) and moved into politics. Ervin Latimer Jr published his own clothing brad “Latimmier” and his first catalogues, as he strives for international success. With a long observational period, the documentary attempts to create an intimate depiction of transgenerational continuity, choices, and perseverance.


Writer and Director: Arto Halonen

Main Cast: Shawn Huff, Leon Huff, Ervin Latimer Jr., Ervin Latimer Sr.

Cinematography: Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen

Editing: Katja Pällijeff, Saara Välimäki

Sound design: Janne Jankeri

Music: Kalle Koivisto

Producer: Arto Halonen

Production: Art Films production