Fiction, 89 min


Arnold Cautious and the Happiness Stone is a tale of imagination and the search of happiness. Julius, who devours comics and vampire stories, has a vivid imagination. One day, he meets Arnold Cautious, who lives in an abandoned house on the outskirts of the city and introduces himself as a faded vampire who drinks strawberry juice. Julius and Cautious become friends. Together, they try to create the Stone of Happiness, the recipe for which is in Cautious grandmother's secret recipe book. Julius wants to give the stone to his estranged parents so that they can rediscover their shared happiness. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks in their laboratory experiments to create the Stone of Happiness, Julius and Cautious persistently continue their search for happiness.

Music composed by Tuomas Kantelinen with lyrics written by Jukka Itkonen, make the musical numbers choreographed by Sami Virtanen come to life.

The film features an ensemble cast including Maria Ylipää & Mikko Töyssy as Paula & Kullervo the parents of Julius, Luna Huotari as his sister Ilona, Tuija Ernamo as Grandma, Niina Koponen as Hannele, Vesa Kietäväinen as Mr. Kärnä and Ilkka Koivula as Sorting Manager Kuoriainen

Arnold Cautious and the Happiness Stone was filmed in Finland and Latvia. The film was made in collaboration with Latvian production company Tasse Films.


Script: Arto Halonen & Jukka Itkonen

Directing: Arto Halonen 

Cinematography: Tuomo Virtanen

Music: Tuomas Kantelinen

Song lyrics: Jukka Itkonen

Sound design: Kirka Sainio

Editing: Armands Začs

Production design: Teppo Järvinen

Costume design: Jaana Aro

Make up design Maija Gundare

Choreography: Sami Vartiainen

Producers: Arto Halonen & Aija Berzina 

Production company: Art Films production & Tasse Film