Documentary, 79 min. Year: 2009 The Magnetic Man is a documentary film about the songwriter Pekka Streng, who died young, and his far-reaching, spiritual effect on the development of several individuals’ lives and thought. Simultaneously, the film is a story about a person who was too frail for this world. Pekka Streng died of cancer at the age of 26 in 1975. Before his death, he released the albums Magneettimiehen kuolema (The Death of the Magnetic Man, 1970) and Kesämaa (Summerland, 1972) on Love Records. He was aware of his impending death during their production process. Streng avoided publicity and only gave one, posthumously released interview (in Soundi-magazine, 1978). Similarly, only one photograph of him was released during his lifetime, on the back sleeve of the record Summerland, showing him together with his son Joonia. Streng’s songs of searching spirituality, their mystical lyrics and peculiar atmospheres affected many listeners deeply even during Streng’s lifetime. For later generations too, Streng’s work has continued to move people particularly strongly. Therefore Streng’s songs and lyrics have affected his audience’s choices and the process of their inner development. Despite this, Streng has remained relatively unknown in popular culture. He is an invisible prophet, the magnetic man. CREW Director: Arto Halonen Cinematography: Hannu Vitikainen Editor: Joona Louhivuori Sound design: Heikki Innanen Producer: Arto Halonen Producer YLE: Iikka Vehkalahti Produced for YLE TV2 by: Art Films production AFP Ltd FILM WEB SITE streng