Concert film, 64 min. Year: 2009 It’s a sunny February afternoon in Helsinki. Pekka Streng’s third album Unen maa (Dream Land), has rised to the top positions on the album chart. As the evening darkens, trolls and fairies start to arrive at Tavastia club. There is a magical festive feeling in the air. Helsinki’s famous rock’n’roll joint fills up with fans of Streng’s music. In a moment, one after another, the stage is occupied by Emma Salokoski, Pauli Hanhiniemi, Ville Leinonen, Jarkko Martikainen, Laura Närhi, Kärtsy Hatakka, Olavi Uusivirta and Pekko Käppi. We get to hear Pekka Streng’s classics and songs from Unen maa (Dream Land), as well as some of Streng’s previously unheard compositions. Olympia-orkesteri, lead by Jukka Hakoköngäs, accompanies the evening’s soloists. But what does this music, composed over 30 years ago, mean to artists today? In the interviews the Tavastia performers talk about Streng’s influence and analyse his music. In Streng's Garden is a film about a Pekka Streng tribute concert organised by Art Films in February 2009. The highlights include 22-Pistepirkko, who perform in Finnish for the first time in 25 years, as well as the awaited Sisältäni portin löysin (I Found a Gate Within Myself), performed as an encore by Jonna Tervomaa. CREW Director and screenwriter: Arto Halonen Cinematography: Hannu-Pekka Vitikainen, Matti Helariutta, Pekka Uotila, Teemu Koivisto, Timo Nissi Editor: Antti Tuomikoski Concert mixing: Heikki Iso-Ahola Mixing: Mikko Oinonen/Soundtrack Sound recording: Marko Häkkinen, Heikki Innanen, Jani Peltonen Lighting: Pekka Olava Stage manager: J Salonen Production assistant: Hanna Nurmi Assistant producer: Venla Hellstedt Producer: Arto Halonen Production company: Art Films production AFP Ltd