TV drama, 65 min. Year: 1995

A man’s relationship with his wife is unstable. He meets a girl who has just turned 17 at a bar. The girl has run away from a shelter and her life seems to be adrift. They engage in an affair but it is short-lived, and the man returns to his pregnant schoolmistress wife. The traditional triangle drama transforms, however, as the story progresses with surprising turns.

Home is a story about people who have different starting points. They attempt to grow up and find their places in life despite the traumas of their homes and their past. The girl and the wife are brought together by their traumas, which originate from different backgrounds but are similarly apparent in their behaviour and development. The women also have the girl’s little brother in common– he is the schoolmistress wife’s pupil. The girl meets her little brother after years apart. He has been brought up in a wealthy family. Because of the brother’s new family, the siblings have to meet each other in secret, yet they want to keep in contact. The story begins in the spring, on the girl’s 17th birthday, and finishes the following spring when the girl turns legally adult.


- Tampere Film Festival, Finnish Competition, Finland, 1996


Girl: Helena Kallio
Man: Taneli Mäkelä
Schoolmistress: Johanna af Schultén
Little brother: Ville Männistö

Screenwriter: Melina Voipio
Director: Arto Halonen
Adaptation: Arto Halonen
Cinematography: Juhani Heikkonen
Sound designer: Eino Lehtinen
Editor: Sepi Niemi
Set designer: Juhani Pirskanen
Original music: Jukka Pääkkönen
Producer: Kari Paukkunen/YLE TV2 Drama