TV drama, 88 min. Year: 1993

An exuberant comedy about a young man and the disasters that befall him on his way to his own wedding. In the midst of all the adventures the young man finds time to think over what he is about to do with his life.

In a small country town, a family is preparing for the most important community ritual, the daughter´s wedding, with all appropriate details. In the meantime, the luckless bridegroom-to-be makes his desperate way through air terminals, motorways, corn fields and herds of sheep, from one mishap to another in order to get to the church on time. His meeting with a most unusual country family is the key to the subsequent turn of the story, but it is left to the viewer to pass judgement on the outcome.

The Happy Wedding Day was the third-most watched film on YLE - the Finnish Broadcasting Company´s channels in 1993.


- Prix Europa, Portugal, 1993


Groom: Teijo Eloranta
Bride: Minna Hokkanen
Father: Matti Nurminen
Mother: Tuija Vuolle
Brother: Otto Kanerva
Father of the country family: Jukka Sipilä
Mother of the country family: Raija Paalanen
Daughter of the country family: Minna Pirilä
Son of the country family: Lasse Karkjärvi

Director and screenwriter: Arto Halonen
Cinematography: Jukka Tuomisto
Editors: Kari Leppälä, Arto Halonen
Sound supervisor: Eino Lehtinen
Composer: Jukka Pääkkönen
Set designer: Mari Skogberg
Wardrobe: Ina Jakobsson
Makeup: Paula Jussilainen
Production assistant: Hilkka Yli-Arvo
Producer: Kari Paukkunen/YLE TV2 Drama