The Documentary Film Festival DocsDF in Mexico City has chosen 29 best documentaries which have been screened in its 10-year history. Shadow of the Holy Book, directed by Arto Halonen is in the section of the”The best films DocsDF has screened”. The festival is the most significant documentary film festivals in Mexico and one of the leading festivals on its field. It will be organized this year on the 15th April – 24th April 2015.

Shadow of the Holy Books renowned history.


Shadow of the Holy Book has got one of the widest international distributions among the Finnish films ever. It highlighted the immorality of the internationals companies and how they secretly supported the dictatorship of the gas-rich Turkmenistan rand at the same time helping to hide human rights violation. All in the name of the profit and greed

In the film they travel with a lawyer/reporter Kevin Franzier and a film director Arto Halonen from Turkmenistan to Europe and all the way to the United States of America as the filmmakers track and research the companies operating in Turkmenistan which have translated the Ruhnama-book written by the dictator of Turkmenistan into their own languages and supported in absurd ways the dictatorship of Turkmenistan. Thanks to the film the Finnish Foreign Ministry ordered a survey about the social responsibility of Finnish firms in the countries which offend the human rights.

Shadow of the Holy Book got its world premiere at the most significant International Documentary Film Festival in its field in Amsterdam (IDFA) in Joris Ivens -main award category in 2007. Since that it has been presented at over 120 international festivals around the world. The Europe Films Academy awarded Shadow of the Holy Book with the Best European Documentary Film Award 2008. The film was shown in either Cinemas or on Television in over 20 countries.

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