White Rage has been granted the Green Rose award at Jaipur International Film Festival. The criteria for the awarded film was “film that gives a global message”. White Rage, which puts school bullying and school shootings into juxtaposition, was competing in the category of Feature Documentaries.


The 9th Jaipur International Film Festival was organised in Jaipur, India on January 7th-11th. It is the world’s fastest growing film festival and during the past few years, it has received entries from over a hundred different countries.


White Rage has continued to impress on the festival circuit for over a year now. The tour has included the highly considered Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, Sheffield Doc/Fest, One World Film Festival, Beirut Karama Human Rights Festival and Reykjavik International Film Festival, amongst others. At Millennium Docs Against Gravity Festival in Warsaw, Halonen received a special mention for the film in the new Fiction / Non-Fiction category.


White Rage was premiered as the opening film of the Finnish Rokumentti film festival in November, after which it was released to wide theatrical distribution. As part of a school campaign, created in collaboration with the Finnish Association for Mental Health and Koulukino ry, the film has also been screened to a number of students all over Finland. The film achieved to raise discussion and awareness about its theme, and also contributed to initiating a legislation bill that aims to prevent school bullying.


The international distribution and sales agent for White Rage is the Swiss First Hand Films, which is one of the most distinguished European documentary film distributors. The film’s crew includes Peter Flinckenberg and Mika Orasmaa as the cinematographers, Kirka Sainio as the sound designer and composer, as well as Otto Heikola and Arto Halonen as the editors.


Please find below the links to websites for the international distributor and the festivals:

Jaipur International Film Festival: http://www.jiffindia.org

White Rage Web Page: http://www.whiterage.fi

White Rage Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/valkoinenraivo/

First Hand Films: http://www.firsthandfilms.com/#new-films