Danish actor Pilou Asbæk will receive the first Nordic Flair Award at the 30th HIFF. The award ceremony will take place at a public event organised by the HIFF and Yle. Asbæk will be seen in 2018 in Finnish director Arto Halonen’s new film.
HIFF and Finnish Film Affair will award the Danish actor Pilou Asbæk with the Nordic Flair Award on September 21st. The award serves as a recognition of Asbæk’s brave role choices and his internationally renowned career.
The Nordic Flair Award is given to a person working in the film industry whilst boosting Nordic talent internationally.
The award will be given at a public event In Spotlight: Pilou Asbæk where JP Pulkkinen will interview Asbæk about his career in film and television. The event will take place on September 21st at 5pm at Kulttuuriareena Gloria. It will be streamed live at Yle Areena. Tickets to the event can be bought from the festival’s ticket offices starting Monday, September 11th.
Pilou Asbæk’s acting talent can be witnessed next March in Arto Halonen‘s new film The Guardian Angel. Asbæk is known for his roles in the tv series Game of Thrones (2016–) and Borgen (2010–2013). In addition, he has had important roles in many films, among them A War (HIFF 2016), Ben-Hur (2016) and Ghost in the Shell (2017).
Finnish Film Affair (September 19th–21st) is HIFF’s industry sidebar. For the first time the FFA organises this year a side event, the Nordic Flair, which focuses on bringing together Nordic filmmakers and international film professionals.
Finland’s biggest film festival Helsinki International Film Festival – Love & Anarchy takes over the silver screens of Helsinki for the 30th time on September 14th–24th.
The Guardian Angel will have its premiere on March 9th 2018.