Back Towards Light will be premiered as the opening film of the Finnish Rokumentti Film Festival, and arrive to wide theatrical distribution in November.


The dramatized documentary tells the story of Marissa, a Finnish woman who becomes a victim of human trafficking and goes through an unimaginable journey to stay alive, get to safety and maintain her sense of self. She believes that one can find a way back into the light after a traumatic experience, if only one doesn’t hold onto the anger and resentment.

Human trafficking is a worldwide phenomenon said to be one of the most profitable forms of organized crime. The estimates on the number of victims vary from tens of thousands to millions, majority of them being women. Human trafficking related to sexual exploitation is the most common form. Like other wealthy Western countries, Finland is considered to be a destination and transit country for human traffickers. However, human trafficking takes place within Western borders as well and the offenders and victims alike may be local.

“When Marissa asked if I would be interested in telling her story, I felt the need to work with this subject that is uncommon in the Finnish society” says director Arto Halonen.

Back Towards Light novel written by Marissa Jaakola and Ari Väntänen, will be published by Like Publishing and arrive to bookstores at the same time in November.




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