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Back Towards Light tells the story of Marissa, a Finnish woman who becomes a victim of human trafficking and goes through an unimaginable journey to stay alive, get to safety and maintain her sense of self. She believes that one can find a way back into the light after a traumatic experience, if only one doesn’t hold onto the anger and resentment.


We have carried out extensive research into the backgrounds of the events Marissa experienced. Two trials were held in connection to the case. At the first, so-called fraud trial Marissa’s former boss was sentenced to prison and ordered to pay Marissa compensation for her related financial losses. The second trial, concerning charges of deprivation of liberty and human trafficking, was never completed because the man unexpectedly died in the middle of the criminal investigation. 

The officer heading the investigation confirmed to us that the evidence was strong and sufficient, leaving no shadow of doubt as to Marissa’s story. Several cases of aggravated abuse were investigated as part of the inquiry, with the intention of bringing them to trial jointly, so that the man would receive a hardest possible sentence. But unfortunately, justice was not served due to the man’s death. As a result, all the costs accrued due to the case fell upon Marissa herself and she will remain in debt for the rest of her life. 

Art Films Production and our co-workers negotiated with Marissa’s debtors whilst the documentary film was in production. After hearing her story, they more than halved her initial debts. With interest the sum had grown to 62 000 euros. The production company also supported a campaign held for Marissa in order to help her financially.



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