Arnold Cautious and the happines stone directed by Arto Halonen has begun filming in Tampere. A family film about the richness of imagination and the search for happiness. This musical family film has been written by Arto Halonen and Jukka Itkonen and starring by Mikko Nousiainen, Maria Ylipää, Mikko Töyssy and Tuija Ernamo. Introducing child lead roles Emil Paloniemi and Luna Huotari.


Julius has a vivid imagination, which worries his parents and his older sister. He is going to start school after the summer, and his family is a bit concerned: how will his wild imagination fit into the world of school and all its boundaries? Julius’ parents are in the middle of a serious crisis, and they are considering a divorce. Relying on his imagination, Julius tries to solve the issues between his parents and within the family. Julius befriends a “degenerated” vampire, Arnold, and together they try to make a Happiness Stone to stop Julius’s parents from divorcing